The time for the arrival of the much-awaited animals to India is coming near. The tentative date for the arrival of the South Africa expert team is 6th September 2022. But, first, they will inspect the fences and enclosures kept for the incredible beasts. 

The South African team is all set to complete their two-day tour from Sheopur District. They will likely come on 6th September to verify the authentication of the arrangements meant for keeping the lovely animals. Then, after a thorough inspection of the fences, they will understand the upcoming days of the Cheetah in this part of the country. 

Recently, five leopards entered the enclosures, and it was a very challenging job to make them live without any conflicts. However, within the enclosure, you can still find a leopard. It will be in its roaming state even after the arrival of the Cheetahs. However, Kuno Palpur Sanctuary authorities relocated four cheetahs from near fences to Shivpuri’s Madhav National Park. 

Preparations are going on full-fledged to welcome the group of experts from South Africa. The Government of India has already signed a contract with Namibia to bring the cheetahs. Moreover, the MoU with South Africa is still pending. Therefore, it seems that the conversation will be over very soon, and the MoU will get signed.