Asiatic Lions To Get A New Home At Kuno National Park Very Soon

Kuno National Park is all set to open for tourists very soon. India already has numerous sanctuaries, reserves, and national parks. Moreover, in Madhya Pradesh alone, there are over nine animal parks and reserves. Kuno is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Kuno Palpur sanctuary in the Sheopur district is all set to welcome the Gir Lions in a few months.  

The government was in talks with higher authorities to shift the Asiatic Lions from Gir to Kuno. However, the process faced a lot of obstacles due to political constraints. After more than twenty years of roadblocks, the National Park is ready. The safaris are supposed to start in 2022.  


Gir Lions Ready For Translocation 

The ecosystem of Kuno is one of the first aspects that can guide the process. The habitat has tropical grasslands, grasslands, savannahs, and deciduous trees as well. There are several micro-ecological zones inside the Kuno National Park.  

After the supreme court gave the final go-ahead, the park is been revamped to welcome the lions. One of the main reasons to create a second home for the Asiatic Lions of Gir in Kuno, is the loss of habitat and prey. Prey like nilgai, sambar deer, black bucks, and chinkara have been released inside the park. Moreover, all inhabitants of the 24 villages have been shifted outside the protected area in between 1998-2003. The Park is free from all human intervention and encumbrances.  

Currently there are over 520 Asiatic Lions in Gir National Park and Sanctuary. These lions are at risk of extinction today. Moving them to multiple sites will bring up new challenges and developments as well. A single population of animals anywhere, can dwindle due to various circumstances. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create multiple genetic pools.  


A New Home Ready For The Gir Lions 

Kuno was one of the earlier hunting grounds for the Kings. Kuno falls in the Gujarat Rajputana biogeographic zone. Apart from Gir Lions, the park has many other animals like leopards, sambars, chinkaras, jackals, stripped Hyenas, and wolves.  

The reintroduction plan has been chalked out by the government and the forest department extremely well. It consists of several phases like capture, translocation of the lions, and a soft release. Conflict monitoring and mitigation is an important part of the procedure. There are several other aspects that need to be taken care of. It includes fire management in the grasslands, weed eradication, and management of waterholes. The current capacity of Lions at Kuno is 40.  

If you are thinking about how to reach Kuno, you are on the right track. Currently, there are some government accommodations at the spot. Private sector resorts at Kuno are coming up. Moreover, the government has passed many such hotel and lodge projects. Thus, it is the start of a new era in wildlife management. The dwindling tourism figures of Madhya Pradesh will also get a boost, once tourists start flocking to Kuno. You can join in as soon as the Online Safari booking Kuno starts.

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