Kuno Palpur To Be India’s First Cheetah Sanctuary

Cheetahs will be running at top speed in Kuno National Park soon. Come November 2021, around eight cheetahs will be released in the grasslands. The other major big cat, the Lions will also be translocated from Gir. Currently, there is a clash amongst animal conservation guidelines. However, Indians want the cheetahs first.  

The First Cheetah Sanctuary In India 

Maharaja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo had driven the last cheetah to extinction around seventy years ago. Kuno Palpur Sanctuary is the perfect spot to settle the cheetahs. Currently, cheetahs are extinct in India. Most Indians today have seen them on National Geographic or Discovery channel. Get ready to witness the change.  

Located in the Chambal region, in Madhya Pradesh, the park is a huge habitat. There are leopards, jackals, wild boar, chital, sambar deer, and blackbucks currently. The national park is on its way to becoming one of the firsts to host all the big carnivores.  

Moreover, the introduction of cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh is expected to give a huge boost to the tourism industry in the state. Agriculture is one of the main occupations in the region. The National Park will create more jobs in the state. That calls for some celebrations.  


The Cheetah Habitat 

Cheetahs can settle down in a variety of habitats. The habitats include grasslands, scrublands, savannahs, and temperate deserts. Cheetahs love to stay on the ground. However, you might see one perched atop a tree. The Project Cheetah Madhya Pradeshis one of the best conservation efforts today. Cheetahs are mostly found in the African continent. South Africa has at least 4,500 cheetahs. Eastern Africa has around 2,500. Cheetahs also exist in Iran.  

Once the cheetahs come down to Kuno National Park from Africa, safaris will take place. Most Indian residents who have not ventured to places like Kruger, will see such a spectacle for the first time.  


What To Expect From A Cheetah Safari? 

The eight cheetahs that will be re-introduced into the Indian nation will be a delight to watch. Kuno is surely one of the best habitats to host the majestic animals. It is a matter of accomplishment for a developing nation, like India. It points towards the fact, that India is on the right trajectory for advancement in various sectors.  

Cheetahs are early morning and afternoon hunters. They are diurnal creatures. So, expect to set off for the safari during the day. Cheetahs have been known to get close to vehicles in several national parks around the world. They might come and sit on the jeep bonnet. While you are in the safari vehicle, keep silent. Observe the majestic animals from close quarters. Tourists will get trained guards on the safari. It is up to the tourists to maintain the rules and regulations of national parks.  

Avoid man-animal conflict by listening to the guard. Get ready to witness the spectacle of a lifetime. Cheetahs are coming back to India. Cheetahs love to stay in close contact with humans and are inquisitive. So, get ready for the ultimate cheetah safari adventure.

Photo credit : Wendy Keeler

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