Do You Know The Difference Between A Cheetah And A Leopard?

Many people confuse the cheetah with the leopard, and vice versa. Are you one of them? There are both big cats, but there are a few differences between them. Before you head for the Kuno National Park safari, you ought to know the differences.  

Size And Body Shape 

If you book a cheetah safari, you should know the differences beforehand. Cheetahs are any day taller at the shoulder. Moreover, they are slender animals. They weigh as much as 72kg. They have a body built for speed. They can reach top speeds ranging from 110-120 km/hr.  

Leopards are shorter and stout. Moreover, they are muscular and it helps to ambush their prey. They often carry their prey to tree-tops to eat the flesh at their own convenience.  

The Coat 

The coat pattern is different. Cheetahs have solid spots, that are mostly round or oval. Leopards have rosette formation. The marks have a lighter spot at the centre. In both cases, the spots help the animals camouflage.  


Facial Markings 

A leopard’s face is covered in the same pattern with rosettes like their body. But cheetahs have a black tear line that runs down the sides of the nose from the eyes till the mouth. These tear marks supposedly guard against the sunrays, so that cheetahs can focus on a distant prey. Cheetahs have amber-color eyes. Whereas, leopards have bright blue or bright green eyes.  


Cheetahs purr, whereas leopards growl like Tigers and Lions.  


Cheetahs need large open spaces or grasslands to run after their prey. Thus, they mostly inhabit the grasslands and savannah. Leopards often hide behind thick foliage. Thus, they prefer thick vegetation. Woodlands and scrublands are the preferred areas. Leopards spend a lot of time on trees. Cheetahs can also climb trees, but they are mostly found hiding amidst tall grasses.  

These are a few of the features that will enable you to differentiate between both cats. So, pack your bags and head to Kuno Palpur Sanctuary next summer.