Interesting Facts About Cheetahs

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. Even a child can tell you that. Moreover, they look majestic, with their slender trunk and long legs. Moreover, they seem to be friendlier than the big cats, Tigers. Having an average lifespan of 10-12 years, life in the wild can be quite difficult for these animals. Some of the factors that affect mortality rates, are territorial conflicts and food shortage during famines. The Project Cheetah Madhya Pradesh has aimed to bring back these majestic animals back to Indian shores. This is a big reason to celebrate, especially for Indians.  

Find Interesting Cheetah Facts Today 

Once declared extinct in India, cheetahs are making a comeback. So, it is time to gain some information on their lifespan, habitat, fooding, and other characteristics. Once you complete the Kuno National Park Booking, you will surely look for this information. Moreover, a visit to a national park in an adventure and an educational tour for children as well.  

  • Kuno National Park is all-set to welcome the Cheetah population. Have you ever wondered how many spots cheetahs have? Well, records and conservationists say 2,000-3,000 spots. These spots help them to camouflage themselves. The undercoat ranges in color from light yellow to golden tan. Moreover, the spots are not rosettes like that of a leopard or jaguar. These are solid black spots.  


  • It is a little bit difficult to identify the sex of these animals. However, it is believed that males are slightly larger than the females. Moreover, male cheetahs have larger heads.  
  • Cheetahs have long black markings from the corner of the eyes to the mouth. They are said to protect them from the glare of the sun. These markings operate like a rifle scope. Focusing on the prey is easier.  
  • You will be amazed to know, that cheetahs can reach maximum speeds of 110 km/ hr. Specialized muscles provide a greater swing to the bodies. Moreover, the speed can be delegated to the fact that the cheetah’s soles are rounded and harder than other big cats. They resemble tyre parts. It helps in traction and in taking sharp turns all of a sudden. The claws work like cleats to grip the ground.  
  • Females split from the group on attaining sexual maturity. They mostly lead independent lives. Male siblings live together for the rest of their lives. Male cheetah siblings form a coalition. It helps to guard them against larger predators, and also aids in hunting success.  
  • Another amazing fact about Cheetahs is that they are diurnal hunters. You will find them hunting in the early morning or afternoon. If you are heading to Kuno, book a morning Cheetah Safari. Cheetahs climb on termite mounds and small trees to get a panoramic view of the surrounding grasslands.  
  • Cheetahs mostly prey on gazelles, antelopes, rodents, and small birds. They have been known to prey on calves as well. They prefer wild animals, more than livestock. They hunt easy prey like livestock, if sick.  


Cheetahs are amazing animals that have kept hunters on their toes. One of their popular habitats is Kruger National Park. However, you should not be too disappointed, as they are coming back. Get ready to spot a cheetah running like a bolt of lightning through the grasslands of Kuno in 2022.

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